Spring Seedling Pack (Queensland)

Spring Seedling Pack (Queensland)

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Enhance your garden with our premium Spring Seedling Packs, meticulously designed to elevate your gardening experience.

Our Spring Seedling Packs are carefully curated to thrive in the unique Queensland climate, setting us apart from standard "big green shed" seedlings.

For specific varieties, we recommend purchasing individual seedlings from our extensive selection, as the exact contents of these packs remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, you can trust that each Spring Seedling Pack will include at least tomatoes, capsicums, and cucumbers; otherwise, we will mark them as "out of stock."

Please remember that we exclusively employ the highest quality seeds, substrates, and growing media to provide your garden with the best possible foundation. By choosing our Spring Seedling Packs, you are investing in a garden that not only captivates the eye but also delights the palate with genuine homegrown flavours. While the assortment of varieties may vary over time, be assured that if we are dissatisfied with the available options, we will promptly label them as 'sold out.'

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