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Ever wanted to grow your own vegetables? To shun unnecessary supermarket packaging and days old vegetables that have been handled by countless strangers? To make a small part of your life completely self-sustainable?

Welcome to Quick-Pick Seedlings, or QPS for short. We make gardening fun and worthwhile!

QPS is the brainchild of 10 year-old Geelong resident Penny Murray. She came across the idea one day when shopping with her Mum. ‘I noticed that the vegetables were all very expensive and there weren’t many left on the shelves,’ Penny said, ‘And because I know shopping is really hard right now for a lot of people I thought of the idea of seedlings. That way people could grow their own veggies and not have to leave the house. They’re really easy to grow and they taste great!’

Now, before you hail Penny a complete visionary for her cool idea, it should be noted that she has a family history when it comes to growing vegetables. Her grandfather and their family have run a market-garden farm for over forty years, so Penny knows her way around the garden.

‘She always had a bit of a green thumb, but I think what this idea shows is that she has a bit of a green heart as well.’

‘The best thing about our seedlings,’ enthuses Penny, ‘Is that they are already a month old when you get them, so that’s a whole month closer to being on your plate. And we are going to get new ones all the time, so you’ll be able to cook lots of different things and dinner won’t ever be boring!’

Penny Murray
General Manager


(March 2020)

What happens when your on forced long service leave during a worldwide pandemic? We'll put simply heaps. I finally get to exhale from the corporate world for the first time in my life, throw into the mix a couple of kids locked down in isolation and you have a crazy mix of ideas you actually have a chance to start-up. It seems this will be the most productive times for entrepreneurs and creatives with a logbook of incubations stored for a rainy day. Well, it's pouring.

Enjoy the time with your family, and loved ones, especially check in with the ones with knowone. Exhale and do the things you have always wanted to, I am.

Jye Murray

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