Foodcube Seedling Pack (25)

Foodcube Seedling Pack (25)

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Elevate your Foodcube gardening experience with our exclusive Foodcube-Specific Seedling Selections, meticulously tailored to thrive in your innovative growing system. Each of these seedlings undergoes a rigorous quality testing and care process, ensuring they are perfectly suited to flourish within the unique environment of your Foodcube, regardless of the season.

With our specialised selection, you'll delight in the convenience of year-round access to pristine, pesticide-free produce that's been custom-tailored for your Foodcube. Experience the satisfaction of watching your Foodcube garden thrive in a meticulously controlled, soil-free setting, all thanks to our carefully chosen seedlings.

Each pack OF (25) features a diverse array of seedlings that have been handpicked for their compatibility with Foodcube cultivation, as well as wicking bed soils. This ensures that your garden is optimised for the most productive and efficient growth, and it's particularly well-suited for the specific conditions of your Foodcube.

We should note that we tend not to include large-growing brassicas in our selections, as this maximises space, time, and yield within your Foodcube, ensuring that your garden is optimised for the most productive and efficient growth.

Invest in our Foodcube-Specific Seedling Selections and relish the satisfaction of growing your own fresh, high-quality vegetables year-round within the controlled, soil-free environment of your Foodcube. Say goodbye to ordinary store-bought produce and savour the taste of homegrown goodness with every bite. Order now and watch your Foodcube garden flourish with a continuous abundance of premium, delicious vegetables, all perfectly suited for your innovative growing system, including wicking bed soils.

For optimal results in your Foodcube, we highly recommend our proprietary two-part complete A & B formula, expertly crafted in-house. Keep in mind that these seedlings can also be cultivated in traditional pots with soil if you have any extra seedlings to spare. Enjoy the bountiful harvests and the unmatched convenience of Foodcube gardening with our Foodcube-Specific Seedling Selections.

Selections will include:
Leafy Greens, Seasonal Fruiting Vegetables & a selection of seasonal vegetable seedlings chosen by our head grower.

About Foodcube
Foodcube wicking garden beds are the perfect garden planter for anyone looking to grow their own food easily and successfully, regardless of their experience level or the size of their outdoor space. Foodcubes are made in Australia from 80% recycled food-grade plastic and are designed to rapidly turn novice gardeners into productive urban farmers.

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