Indoor Plant Hire & Maintenance

Regular Plant Maintenance

  1. Diverse Horticultural Selection:

    • Offering an extensive array of plant species optimized for commercial landscapes and agricultural requirements.

  2. Customized Cultivation Strategies:

    • Tailoring meticulous growth blueprints based on site-specific conditions encompassing soil composition, climatic factors, and spatial constraints.

  3. Premium Seedlings and Seeds:

    • Provision of elite-grade seeds and robust seedlings distinguished by disease resistance and suitability for local ecological contexts.
  4. Comprehensive Soil Profiling and Enrichment:

    • Execution of comprehensive soil assessments to determine nutrient content and pH levels, along with expert recommendations for soil amendment protocols.

  5. Nutrient Management Programs:

    • Formulating meticulously calibrated nutrient administration schedules and provision of fertilizers enriched with vital elements to optimize plant development.

  6. Holistic Pest and Pathogen Oversight:

    • Implementation of integrated pest management methodologies, encompassing vigilant surveillance, preventative interventions, and judicious employment of agrochemical agents.
  7. Sustainable Irrigation Infrastructure:

    • Installation of advanced irrigation infrastructures to ensure judicious water consumption and consistent moisture maintenance to foster robust plant growth.

  8. Strategic Mulching and Weed Control:

    • Application of strategic mulching practices to foster moisture retention, minimize weed proliferation, and enhance soil structure and quality.

  9. Pruning and Training Expertise:

    • Prudent and periodic pruning regimens to maintain aesthetic contours, augment aeration, and stimulate optimal growth patterns.

  10. Cutting-Edge Greenhouse Facilities:

    • Establishment and management of advanced greenhouse facilities, facilitating year-round cultivation under meticulously controlled environments.

  11. Structural Supports and Staking Systems:

    • Provision of tailored structural supports, including trellises and stakes, to ensure upright growth and prevent structural degradation of plants.

  12. Vigilant Plant Health Surveillance:

    • Continuous monitoring of plant health through systematic evaluation, swift diagnosis, and proficient remediation measures to safeguard plant vitality.

  13. Seasonally Oriented Transplant Solutions:

    • Furnishing timely and adaptable transplant options to align with varying seasonal requirements and operational dynamics.
  14. Horticultural Consultancy Expertise:

    • Dispensing authoritative consultancy services pertaining to plant care, crop rotation, and soil conservation to optimize long-term operational efficiencies.

  15. Educational Workshops and Seminars:

    • Hosting instructive workshops and seminars to fortify the knowledge base of personnel, enhancing proficiency in plant management practices.

  16. Efficient Logistics and Distribution:

    • Seamless facilitation of logistics and distribution operations, ensuring punctual delivery of plants, equipment, and ancillary resources.|

  17. Eco-Responsible Sustainability Measures:

    • Advocacy and implementation of ecologically responsible agricultural techniques, encompassing organic methodologies, water economization, and reduced chemical intervention.

  18. Technical Helplines and Support:

    • Establishment of dedicated technical helplines to furnish real-time guidance and resolution to exigent challenges and operational queries.

  19. Optimized Harvesting Protocols:

    • Consultation and guidance on optimal harvesting intervals and methodologies to garner peak-quality produce.
  20. Perpetual Plant Supply Arrangements:

    • Structuring of enduring supply chains to ensure uninterrupted availability of plant inventory, aligned with business requisites.

This comprehensive suite of services reflects our commitment to enabling your enterprise's horticultural aspirations with utmost professionalism and expertise.

Customised Indoor Plant Hire for Businesses

Our experienced plant technicians will regularly visit to maintain your indoor plantscapes.

Our indoor plant maintenance service includes:

  • Watering of plants
  • Cleaning
  • Fertilising of plants
  • Plant Trimming
  • Control of plant pests and diseases
  • Replacement of deteriorating plants as necessary

Customised Indoor Plant Hire for Businesses

From small offices through to large scale corporate and commercial plant installations.

We provide tailored plantscapes for indoor spaces for different types of commercial areas including:

  • Pubs
  • Pop up Stores
  • Office
  • Foyer 
  • Reception areas
  • Private clubs
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Retail stores
  • Showrooms
  • Weddings
  • Special Events


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