Cucumber (Mini Fingers) Seedlings
Cucumber (Mini Fingers) Seedlings
Cucumber (Mini Fingers) Seedlings
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Cucumber (Mini Fingers) Seedlings

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The Mini Finger Cucumber is a compact and well-balanced plant that produces a bountiful supply of high-quality, small cucumbers. They thrive in cooler conditions and exhibit an extended cropping period, making them ideal for summer and early autumn cultivation. To ensure their best growth, here are some essential guidelines:

Growing Characteristics: Mini Finger Cucumbers are known for their compact size and balanced growth. They quickly yield small, high-quality cucumbers. These plants excel in cooler conditions and have a remarkable ability to produce cucumbers over an extended cropping period.

Weather Considerations: To prevent bitterness and maintain optimal growth, it's essential to protect Mini Finger Cucumbers from extreme weather conditions. Provide shade during hot weather and safeguard them from excess cold. Adequate watering is crucial for their well-being.

Pollination: Cucumbers, including Mini Finger varieties, require pollination for successful fruit development. Encourage pollination by practicing companion planting to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden.

Plant Care:

  • Seedling Height: Mini Finger Cucumber seedlings typically reach a height of 15cm-20cm, including the root system.
  • Spacing: When planting, make sure to space rows 90-100cm apart, with individual plants also spaced 90-100cm apart to allow for proper growth.

Harvest Time: Expect to start harvesting your Mini Finger Cucumbers within 8-11 weeks, but keep in mind that the timing may vary depending on your location and local weather conditions.

Preferred Growing Conditions:

  • Position your Mini Finger Cucumber plants in a sunny to partially shaded area.
  • Ensure the soil is well-drained and enriched with organic matter.
  • To prevent fungal diseases, provide good air circulation around the plants.
  • Minimize root disturbance when tending to your cucumbers.
  • Use straw mulch under the leaves to prevent cucumbers from coming into contact with the soil, which can lead to rot.
  • Water the plants consistently at the base, avoiding wetting the leaves to prevent leaf rot.
🌱 SEEDLING HEIGHT | 15cm-20cm including the root system

📏 SPACING | Rows: 90-100cm apart  Plants: 90-100cm apart 

🥗 HARVEST |  8-11 weeks, depending on location & weather conditions.

🌡️ CONDITIONS Sunny/partial shade position, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Good air circulation is vital to prevent fungal disease. Avoid root disturbance and straw mulch under leaves to prevent vegetables from rotting if they come into contact with the soil. Prefers deep and consistent watering at the base of the plant and avoids watering the leaves to prevent leaf rot.

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