Beneficial Garden Seed Mix

Beneficial Garden Seed Mix

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Introducing QPS's exclusive Beneficial Garden Mix, a carefully curated selection of seeds designed to foster a healthy, vibrant garden that not only brings beauty to your space but also actively supports beneficial insects and the overall ecosystem.

Here's what our seed mix offers:

Alyssum Benthamii: This charming groundcover bursts with tiny white flowers that attract beneficial insects like hoverflies, whose larvae devour aphids.

Ammi Majus Queen Ann's Lace: Also known as Bishop's Flower, this plant's lacy umbels attract a variety of insects, including ladybugs and lacewings that feed on common garden pests.

Buckwheat: Known to enrich the soil and attract bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects with its small white flowers. A fantastic green manure crop, improving your soil health.

Caraway: With delicate flowers that attract a variety of pollinators, the Caraway plant also helps to prevent soil erosion and suppresses weeds.

Carrot All Seasons: The blossoms of this plant draw in beneficial insects, including predatory wasps, which control pest populations.

Clover Red & Clover White: These clovers are excellent nitrogen fixers, enriching the soil. Their blooms attract bees and other pollinators, adding a beneficial dynamic to your garden ecosystem.

Coriander Eureka: Its blooms draw beneficial insects, and its aromatic leaves deter harmful pests. When allowed to flower, it's an absolute magnet for hoverflies, predatory wasps, and other beneficial insects.

Cosmos Sensation Dazzler: These plants add height and drama to any garden. They're also a favourite among bees and butterflies, adding to the health and vitality of your garden.

Dill Mammoth: Its feathery leaves and yellow flowers attract a variety of beneficial insects like wasps and other predators that control pest populations.

Feverfew: Known for its pretty daisy-like flowers that are adored by pollinators. It has strong insect-repelling properties making it a useful companion plant in the garden.

Gypsophila Elegans Mix: Also known as Baby's Breath, this delicate plant attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and parasitic wasps, helping to keep pest populations in check.

Mustard - Undried Seed: The flowers of mustard plants attract beneficial insects, and the plant acts as a biofumigant, helping to suppress soil-borne diseases and pests.

This Beneficial Garden Mix is your ideal partner to enhance the beauty, health, and ecological balance of your garden. Sow it, grow it, and let the magic of nature unfold.

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