Why don't the majority of kids dislike vegetables?

There are several reasons why some children may dislike vegetables: Taste preferences: Children's taste buds are still developing, and some may not have developed a liking for the taste or texture of certain vegetables. Exposure: Children who are not exposed to a variety of vegetables from a young age are less likely to develop a taste for them. Offering a variety of vegetables in different forms (e.g., raw, cooked, roasted, etc.) can help children develop a taste for them. Parental influence: Children often learn their eating habits from their parents. If parents are not positive about vegetables, children may be less likely to like them. Peer pressure: Children may be influenced by their peers and may avoid eating vegetables if they believe it's not cool or if they are teased for eating them. Nutritional knowledge: Children may not understand the health benefits of eating vegetables and may not see the value in eating them. In order to encourage children to eat more vegetables, it can be helpful to involve them in the selection and preparation of the vegetables, offer them in appealing forms, and emphasise their health benefits. Additionally, role modeling positive attitudes towards vegetables by parents and caregivers can help create a supportive environment for children to learn to enjoy them.

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