What is a variegated plant?

A variegated plant is a plant with leaves that have more than one color. Typically, variegated plants have leaves that are a combination of green and white or green and yellow, although other color combinations are possible. The variegation can take many different forms, from stripes and speckles to mottled patterns and blotches.

Variegation occurs when the chlorophyll in some areas of the leaf is blocked or reduced, causing the leaf to produce less green pigment. This can be due to a genetic mutation or to environmental factors such as light, temperature, or nutrient levels. The resulting variegation can be stable or unstable, with unstable variegation meaning the plant has the potential to revert to a fully green form over time.

Variegated plants can be highly prized by gardeners and plant collectors for their unique and eye-catching appearance. Some popular variegated plants include Pothos, Calathea, Dracaena, Ficus, and Sansevieria, among many others.

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