Poor root growth in tissue culture? This may help...

Possible reasons for poor root growth in tissue culture plugs and the corresponding solutions:

Problem Possible Reasons Solutions
Insufficient Hormones - Low levels of auxins and cytokinins - Adjust hormone concentrations in the media
- Degraded or expired hormone solutions - Use fresh, high-quality growth regulators
Inadequate Lighting - Insufficient light intensity - Increase light levels or extend photoperiod
- Inadequate light spectrum for rooting - Use appropriate light spectrum (e.g., blue light)
High Humidity - Excessive moisture on the plugs - Improve ventilation and reduce misting
- Contamination by fungi or bacteria - Sterilise tools and media, maintain strict sterile practices
Incorrect pH - Media pH is too acidic or alkaline - Adjust media pH to the optimal range (usually 5.5 - 6.5)
Overcrowding - Plugs placed too closely, limiting aeration - Space plugs appropriately and use larger containers
Suboptimal Temperature - Unsuitable temperatures for root initiation - Maintain the appropriate temperature for the specific plant species
- Temperature fluctuations - Create a controlled environment or provide insulation
Poor Media - Low nutrient content or improper composition - Ensure media contains essential nutrients and minerals
- Compacted media - Loosen the media to enhance aeration
Contaminated Tools - Tools not adequately sterilised - Thoroughly sterilise tools and containers
- Presence of pathogenic microorganisms on tools - Regularly clean and sanitise equipment
Genetic Factors - Genetic factors affecting root formation - Use tissue cultures from healthy, well-rooted plants

Remember to adapt these solutions to your specific ornamental indoor plant species and growing conditions in the UK.

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