Introducing Van Schaik's Bio Gro Premium Wicking Mix

Unlock Your Garden's Full Potential with Bio Gro Premium Wicking Mix, specially crafted to complement Biofilta Food Cubes and most raised garden beds. Achieving the ideal balance of air fill porosity and wickability is crucial for the success of food cubes and wicking beds, and this mix has been designed with precisely that in mind.

Our formulation includes a blend of composted barks and scoria, delivering essential structural support, while coir enhances the wickability of the mix. The result? A harmonious marriage of elements that support your garden's growth.

Enriched with a starter fertiliser to stimulate the development of feeder roots and a controlled-release fertiliser for sustained nourishment, this mix offers a comprehensive solution to maximize your crop yields. With Bio Gro Premium Wicking Mix, all the essential components for your gardening success are at your fingertips.

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