Tomato Seedling (Grosse Lisse)

Tomato Seedling (Grosse Lisse)

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The name "Grosse Lisse" for these tomatoes likely originates from the French language, where "Grosse" means "big" or "large," and "Lisse" translates to "smooth" or "even." This name aptly describes the notable characteristics of these tomatoes. They are known for their substantial size and smooth, round shape, which sets them apart in the garden and on the plate. While the name has French roots, Grosse Lisse tomatoes have become popular and cherished by gardeners and chefs worldwide for their size, shape, and versatile culinary applications.

Grosse Lisse tomatoes are a beloved choice among gardeners and culinary enthusiasts alike. Their name likely originates from their notable size and rounded shape, which makes them a standout variety in the garden. These tomatoes are celebrated for their vibrant red hue, which adds a burst of colour to salads, sauces, and a variety of dishes.


  • Rich Red Hue: Grosse Lisse tomatoes are renowned for their vibrant red colour. This appealing appearance enhances their visual appeal in salads and dishes.

  • Balanced Flavour: These tomatoes offer a well-balanced flavour profile, with a delicious combination of sweetness and acidity. This makes them a versatile choice for various culinary applications.

  • Size and Shape: Grosse Lisse tomatoes typically grow to a substantial size and have a classic round shape, making them suitable for slicing and dicing in a variety of recipes.


Planting Depth
: When transplanting Grosse Lisse tomato seedlings, ensure they are planted at a depth that allows the root system to establish firmly in the soil.

📏 Spacing | Adequate spacing is essential for healthy growth. Plant rows of Grosse Lisse tomato seedlings 35-50cm apart, with individual plants also spaced 35-50cm apart.

🥗 Harvest Time | Expect to harvest your Grosse Lisse tomatoes in approximately 10-16 weeks. However, the exact timing may vary based on your location and local weather conditions.

🌡️ Growing Conditions | Grosse Lisse tomatoes thrive in specific conditions:

Sunlight: They require full sun to flourish and develop their vibrant colour and flavour.
Soil: Plant them in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter to support robust growth and flavour development.

Culinary Delights: Grosse Lisse tomatoes are a culinary favourite. Their vibrant red hue and well-balanced flavour make them ideal for:

  • Fresh salads
  • Homemade sauces
  • Classic sandwiches
  • A variety of Mediterranean and Italian dishes

Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, cultivating Grosse Lisse tomatoes promises a rewarding experience. Their vibrant appearance and delicious taste are sure to enhance your culinary creations. Enjoy the journey of growing and savouring these exceptional tomatoes in your garden! 🍅🌱


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