Chilli (Hot) Seedling - Grow At Home Range

Chilli (Hot) Seedling - Grow At Home Range

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Chilli plants are tolerant to some shade but really thrive in warm to hot weather, producing firm fruit with high yield. Keep soil damp but not too wet while plant is maturing and fruit is developing. Regular picking will help stimulate further flowering and fruiting and extend the productive life of the plant. Edible at any size, chillies will continue to ripen and may change in colour over time. Can be used fresh, or try drying them for use outside of growing season.

🌱 SEEDLING HEIGHT | 15cm-20cm including the root system

📏 SPACING | Rows: 30cm-40cm apart  Plants: 30cm-40cm apart

🥗 HARVEST |  8-10 weeks, depending on location & weather conditions.

🌡️ CONDITIONS Full sun, wind protected, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Keep moist but not too wet and feed weekly once plant is a good size.

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