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Looking for a stylish and efficient way to propagate your favorite indoor plants? Look no further than our 3-tube Roman-inspired station! Our specially-designed amphoras make it easy to put cuttings into the water and watch them thrive. And once they've grown, you can keep them in the tube as an ornament or plant them into the soil to watch them take off.

Here are some of our top picks for plants you can grow in water:

  • Fresh cut flowers ūüíź
  • Pothos ūüĆŅ
  • Syngonium
  • Hoya
  • Philodendron
  • Baby's Tears
  • Grape Ivy
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Mint
  • Spider Plant

So why wait? Get started on your propagation journey with our Roman-inspired station and start growing healthy, beautiful plants today!

Here's what you can expect to find in the box when you receive our product:

  • 3 x Glass tubes
  • 1 x Bamboo frame

*Does not come with soil or plants

In terms of size, our bamboo frame measures 19.5 cm in length, 5.8 cm in width, and 14 cm in height. Meanwhile, our amphora tubes measure 3.2 cm in diameter and 11.8 cm in height, with a capacity of 55 mL.

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