Cauliflower Seedlings (Orange)

Cauliflower Seedlings (Orange)

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A lovely orange cauliflower that produces beautiful, compact heads. Unlike white cauliflower, this variety needs sunlight for the beautiful colour to appear. Start indoors for planting outside when the risk of frost has passed.

We suggest these caulies be planted 60cm between plants and 60cm between rows. The distance between the plants will determine the size of the head, so try to stick to the recommended distance. The closer you plant, the smaller the head! Unlike the white variety, you don’t need to cover the head to avoid bolting and discolouration but it is recommended you harvest the heads while still smooth as the older they get, the grainier they become.

🌱 SEEDLING HEIGHT | 15cm-20cm including the root system

📏 SPACING | Rows: 60cm-75cm apart  Plants: 60cm-75cm apart 

🥗 HARVEST |  15-22 weeks, depending on location & weather conditions

🌡️ CONDITIONS Sunny position, wind-protected, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Prefers deep and consistent watering at base of the plant and avoid watering the leaves to prevent leaf rot. Feed with a liquid fertiliser when heads begin to form.

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