A Hearty Welcome to the QPS Community!

Welcome to the QPS Community! We're thrilled to introduce you to your new companions: our vibrant vegetable seedlings. While they may bear a touch of yellowing from their journey, with your care and some sunlight, they'll flourish.

In your package, you'll discover an absorbent hand towel to maintain moisture, a biodegradable plastic bag for protection, and secure taping for heavy items, all designed to ensure your plants' safe arrival.

Now, it's time to unwrap and cherish your fresh green treasures. For their complete nourishment, we recommend our Slow Release Fertiliser Pellets, Plant Nutrient Pro-Feeder A & B, and MicroBoost.

Don't forget to provide them with a generous drink of water, as they've endured a long journey. These plants belong outdoors, so locate a sunny spot for them.

Our commitment to delivering healthy plants is unwavering. If any issues arise, please contact us within 24 hours of their arrival at info@qpseedlings.com.au.

Please understand that we work in all weather conditions, so a bit of earthiness may be present in and around our packaging.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice, we're here to ignite your passion for homegrown produce. Share your garden photos on @qpseedlings with the specified hashtags #qpseedlings, #cropclub, #qps, #seedlings, and we'll reward your efforts with free additional plants.

Now, let's dive into the world of flourishing gardens and the joy of growing your own. Share your harvest, exchange tips, and inspire others to join the #cropclub. Together, let's nurture a love for homegrown goodness! ūüĆĪūüĆěūüćÖūüĆŅūüíö

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