Lettuce Plate Pairings

In the world of haute cuisine, presentation is paramount. Lettuce, with its array of textures and flavours, offers a versatile palette for culinary artistry. Explore the possibilities of these lettuce varieties in high-end restaurant plating:

Variety Description Flavour/Texture Best Pairings AKA Names
Coral Loose, frilly leaves resembling coral reefs Mild, Tender Seafood, Ceviche -
Crisp Crisp, crunchy texture with pale green leaves Mild, Crunchy Quinoa, Roasted Vegetables Iceberg, Crisphead
Frisée Curly, frizzy leaves with a slightly bitter flavour Bitter, Textured Foie Gras, Mushrooms Curly Endive
Butterhead Soft, buttery-textured leaves forming a loose head Mild, Soft Grilled Chicken, Beef Boston, Bibb
Romaine Long, sturdy leaves with a crisp texture and a slightly bitter flavour Crisp, Slightly Bitter Caesar Salad, Parmesan, Anchovy Dressing Cos
Arugula Dark green, peppery leaves Peppery, Nutty Prosciutto, Fig, Parmesan Rocket
Spinach Dark green, tender leaves with a mild, slightly sweet flavour Mild, Tender Scallops, Goat Cheese -

Pair Coral lettuce with seafood or ceviche for an elegant presentation. Crisp lettuce, also known as Iceberg, can serve as cups for quinoa or roasted vegetables. Frisée's bitter notes complement rich ingredients like foie gras or mushrooms. Butterhead lettuce wraps are perfect for holding grilled chicken or beef. Romaine, or Cos, provides a sturdy base for Caesar salads. Arugula's peppery kick enhances dishes with prosciutto, figs, or Parmesan. Lastly, Spinach's tenderness makes it ideal for wilting as a base for scallops or pairing with goat cheese. Let your culinary creations shine with these lettuce varieties as your artistic medium.

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