Fertiliser Program for Citrus Trees and Fruiting Vegetables:

Step 1: Slow Release Pellets

  • Begin by applying slow-release pellets to provide a continuous supply of nutrients to your citrus trees and fruiting vegetables.
  • Follow the instructions on the packaging to determine the appropriate amount of pellets for your plants.
  • Spread the pellets evenly around the base of the plants, avoiding direct contact with the stems or foliage.
  • Water the area thoroughly after application to activate the slow-release mechanism of the pellets.

Step 2: Liquid Fertiliser

  • Once your plants show signs of growth and development, incorporate a liquid fertilizer into your program to provide additional nutrients.
  • Choose a liquid fertilizer suitable for citrus trees and fruiting vegetables, following the manufacturer's instructions for dilution and application rates.
  • Dilute the liquid fertilizer in water as instructed and apply it directly to the soil around the plants.
  • Water the area after application to help the plants absorb the liquid fertilizer effectively.

Step 3: Two-Part Vegetative Formula

  • As your plants continue to grow, switch to a two-part vegetative formula to support their vegetative growth phase.
  • Follow the instructions provided with the two-part vegetative formula for mixing the A and B components in the correct proportions.
  • Dilute the solution in water according to the recommended dosage provided on the product packaging.
  • Apply the two-part vegetative formula to the soil around the base of the plants, ensuring thorough coverage of the root zone.
  • Water the area after application to aid nutrient absorption.

Note: It is crucial to carefully read and follow the instructions provided on the packaging of each fertilizer product. The dosage, frequency, and application methods may vary depending on the specific brand and formulation. Additionally, monitor the plants' health and adjust the fertilization program if needed, considering any specific requirements or recommendations for citrus trees and fruiting vegetables.

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