Can chillies make you lose weight?

There is some evidence to suggest that consuming chili peppers or their active component, capsaicin, may help with weight loss. Capsaicin is thought to have several effects on the body that could promote weight loss, including increasing metabolism, reducing appetite, and stimulating fat burning.

One study published in the journal Appetite found that consuming chili pepper with a meal resulted in a decrease in appetite and an increase in feelings of fullness, which could lead to a reduction in calorie intake and potentially contribute to weight loss. Other studies have shown that capsaicin may increase metabolism and promote fat burning, which could also lead to weight loss.

However, it is important to note that the effects of chili peppers or capsaicin on weight loss are relatively modest, and are unlikely to result in significant weight loss on their own. Additionally, consuming large amounts of spicy food can irritate the stomach and cause discomfort, which could make it difficult to stick to a weight loss plan.

Overall, consuming chili peppers or capsaicin may be one small part of a larger weight loss plan that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, but it is not a magic solution for weight loss.

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