100 "Did You Know" facts about vegetable growing

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Lightning can boost plant growth by providing nitrogen to the soil. 🌱
Epsom salt can enhance tomato growth and fruit production. 🌿
Companion planting can improve vegetable health and deter pests. 🌼
Fish heads buried in the soil provide slow-release nutrients. 🐟
Used coffee grounds repel snails and slugs while enriching the soil.
Garlic spray acts as a natural pesticide in the garden. 🧄
Playing music in the garden may positively influence plant growth. 🎶
Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. 🌱
Beer traps attract and eliminate slugs in the garden. 🍺
Crop rotation prevents soil-borne diseases from building up. 🔄
Marigolds deter nematodes and other garden pests. 🌼
Alfalfa meal is a slow-release nitrogen source for leafy greens. 🌿
Vinegar can be used as a weed killer. 🍅
Crushed eggshells add calcium to the soil for tomatoes and peppers. 🥚
Chickens help control garden pests and provide natural fertilizer. 🐔
Molasses in compost encourages beneficial microorganisms. 🍯
Vinegar repels cats from the garden. 🐈‍⬛
Yellow cards or sticky traps attract and capture aphids. 🦗
Soaking stinging nettles creates nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. 🌿
Kitchen scraps like peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells are ideal for compost. 🍅
Planting dill near tomatoes can repel tomato hornworms. 🌿
Nasturtiums attract aphids away from other plants. 🌼
Baking soda can be used to combat powdery mildew on plants. 🍰
Cinnamon sprinkled on soil helps prevent damping-off disease. 🍎
Crushed aspirin can boost plant immune systems. 💊
Ground oyster shells provide calcium for tomatoes and other plants. 🐚
A 1:1 mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide deters root rot.
Cucumbers and sunflowers provide natural trellises for beans. 🌱
Planting basil near tomatoes improves tomato flavor and deters pests. 🌿
Neem oil is a natural pesticide that controls many garden pests. 🌿
Diatomaceous earth is an effective pest control for crawling insects.
Red pepper flakes deter rabbits and squirrels from the garden. 🌶️
Catnip can repel aphids, squash bugs, and other pests. 🐱
Eggplants can be used as a natural trap crop for flea beetles. 🍆
Coffee filters at the bottom of pots prevent soil from escaping.
Planting cilantro near beans can improve their growth. 🌱
Tomato leaves and stems are toxic to aphids and caterpillars. 🍅
Fennel attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings. 🌿
Tansy repels harmful insects like ants and flies. 🌼
A mixture of dish soap and water can be used as a natural insecticide. 🧼
Milk can be sprayed on powdery mildew-infected plants. 🥛
Drying and crushing eggshells deter slugs and provide calcium. 🍳
Ground cinnamon can help prevent damping-off in seedlings. 🌰
Nasturtiums can act as a sacrificial crop, attracting pests away from other plants. 🌼
Cornmeal spread around plants can deter ants. 🌽
Pine needles make excellent mulch for blueberry bushes. 🌲
Wood ash can be used to raise soil pH for certain vegetables. 🔥
A 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water can clean garden tools. 🧽
Seaweed is a natural fertilizer rich in micronutrients. 🌊
Using raised beds can improve soil drainage. 🛏️
A 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water can clean clay pots. 🪴
Cover crops like clover add nitrogen to the soil. 🌾
Planting radishes with carrots can help break up soil. ⚙️
Melons can benefit from planting marigolds nearby. 🌻
Basil can improve the flavor of nearby vegetables like tomatoes. 🍅
Corn can act as a natural trellis for pole beans. 🌽
Letting ladybugs thrive in your garden helps control pests. 🐞
Coffee grounds can help repel ants. 🐜
Ground oyster shells deter slugs and snails. 🐌
Crushed eggshells are a natural snail and slug repellent. 🥚
Planting daffodils among vegetables can deter pests like deer. 🦌
Diatomaceous earth can control garden pests like earwigs. 🪳
Baking soda can help prevent fungal diseases on plants. 🍰
Nasturtiums are a natural aphid repellent. 🌼
Essential oils like neem and lavender can deter garden pests. 🌿
Milk can be used to treat black spot on roses. 🥛
Planting chives among roses can deter aphids. 🌿
Eucalyptus mulch can deter slugs and snails. 🌿
Cucumbers and peas can be grown together for mutual support. 🌽
Onion family plants can deter aphids and other pests. 🌰
A garlic spray can deter rabbits and deer from the garden. 🍋
Marigolds can help repel nematodes in the soil. 🌼
Sage can deter cabbage moths and other pests. 🌿
Planting onions near carrots can deter carrot flies. 🪰
Lettuce can be grown as a companion for strawberries. 🥗
Planting mint in containers can prevent it from spreading. 🌿
Lavender can deter aphids and attract pollinators. 🌼
Basil can improve the flavor of nearby vegetables like peppers. 🌿
Planting radishes can help break up compacted soil. 🌱
Planting onions near tomatoes can improve their growth. 🌿
Thyme can deter whiteflies and aphids. 🌿
Borage can help improve the health of nearby plants. 🌼
Tansy can deter harmful insects like Japanese beetles. 🌿
Planting chives can help deter aphids on roses. 🪴
Marigolds can help repel squash bugs. 🌼
A mixture of garlic and water can be used as a natural pesticide. 🥚
Crushed eggshells can help deter cutworms. 🐌
Planting onions with carrots can improve their flavor. 🌿
A vinegar and water mixture can clean garden tools. 🧽
Lemongrass can deter mosquitoes from the garden. 🪴
Growing basil with tomatoes can enhance their flavor. 🍅
Planting dill with cucumbers can improve their growth. 🥒
Letting certain weeds like clover grow can benefit the soil. 🌾
Planting chives with apples can help deter apple scab. 🪴
Lavender can help repel deer from the garden. 🦌
Essential oils like peppermint can deter ants. 🍬
Planting nasturtiums with squash can deter squash bugs. 🌱

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