Tomato Seedling (Black Russian)
Tomato Seedling (Black Russian)
Tomato Seedling (Black Russian)
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Tomato Seedling (Black Russian)

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The name "Black Russian" likely originates from their unique deep purple to nearly black colour when fully ripe. This distinctive appearance sets them apart from traditional red tomatoes, adding to their allure. While their name may have a Russian association, their true origin and history may vary. Nonetheless, their intriguing name enhances their appeal among gardeners and chefs. Renowned for their rich and smoky-sweet flavour, Black Russian tomatoes shine in gourmet salads, exquisite sauces, artisanal sandwiches, and elegant appetisers. With robust growth and a compact bush variety, they're favoured by gardeners with limited space. These tomatoes have earned their popularity and memorable name for adding gourmet flair to both gardens and kitchens.


  • Distinctive Colour: Black Russian tomatoes are renowned for their deep, dark colour with hints of red or purple. This striking appearance sets them apart from other tomato varieties.

  • Rich Flavour: These tomatoes are celebrated for their rich and complex flavour profile. They offer a sweet and slightly smoky taste, making them a gourmet favourite.

  • Versatile Use: Black Russian tomatoes are prized for their culinary versatility. They are perfect for slicing fresh in salads, making exquisite sauces, or crafting mouthwatering dishes with a gourmet touch.


🌱 Seedling Height |When transplanting Black Russian tomato seedlings, ensure they are planted at a depth that allows the root system to establish firmly in the soil.

📏 Spacing | Adequate spacing is crucial for healthy growth. Plant rows of Black Russian tomato seedlings 35-50cm apart, with individual plants also spaced 35-50cm apart.

Harvest Time Anticipate harvesting your Black Russian tomatoes in approximately 10-16 weeks. However, the exact timing may vary based on your location and local weather conditions.

🌡️ Growing Conditions |Black Russian tomatoes thrive in specific conditions:



Sunlight: They require full sun to flourish and develop their distinctive flavour.
Soil: Plant them in well-drained soil rich in organic matter to support robust growth and flavour development.

Culinary Delights: Black Russian tomatoes are a culinary gem. Their unique colour and flavour make them ideal for:

  • Gourmet salads
  • Exquisite sauces
  • Artisanal sandwiches
  • Elegant appetisers

Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, cultivating Black Russian tomatoes promises a rewarding experience. Their exceptional appearance and gourmet taste are sure to elevate your culinary creations. Enjoy the journey of growing and savouring these exceptional tomatoes in your garden! 🍅🌱

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