Tomato Seedling (Apollo)

Tomato Seedling (Apollo)

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Apollo tomatoes are a popular choice among gardeners and culinary enthusiasts alike. These delectable tomatoes boast a unique set of characteristics that make them a standout addition to any garden or kitchen.

  • Bush Variety: Apollo tomatoes are known as bush tomatoes, which means they grow in a more compact and bushy form compared to other tomato varieties. This makes them ideal for gardeners with limited space.

  • High-Yield: One of the key attractions of Apollo tomatoes is their high yield. Despite their compact size, these plants produce a bountiful crop of delicious tomatoes.

  • Low Acid Content: Apollo tomatoes are appreciated for their mild and balanced flavour due to their lower acid content. This makes them a versatile choice for various culinary applications.

🌱 Seedling Height | Apollo Tomato seedlings typically reach a height of 15cm-20cm, including the root system.

📏 Spacing | When planting Apollo Tomato seedlings, ensure rows are spaced 35-50cm apart, with individual plants also spaced 35-50cm apart to allow for healthy growth.

🥗 Harvest Time | Expect to harvest your Apollo Tomatoes in approximately 10-16 weeks. The exact timing may vary depending on your location and local weather conditions.

🌡️ Growing Conditions | Apollo Tomatoes thrive in full sun to flourish.

Enjoy the process of nurturing these delicious tomatoes in your garden! 🍅🌱

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