Soil Activator (1L)

Soil Activator (1L)

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For Healthy Plants & Productive Soil

Easy to use formulation that contains multiple microbe food sources to feed beneficial microbes to boost numbers and activity – amino acids, vitamins, seaweed extracts, humus, fish & molasses.

  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Feeds soil microbes; favouring bacteria
  • Suppresses disease
  • Contains active carbon
  • Stimulates plant root growth

Note – Microbial food contained in Soil Activator is designed to promote
beneficial bacteria, the main nutrient recyclers of the soil; not plant
pathogens that feed off living plants.

Why Activate Soil Biology

Scientific trials and soil surveys show that active soil microbes are a key component to healthy soils and important to ensure your soil performs. These beneficial fungi and bacteria improve nutrient availability and protect the crop from disease. (Janvier 2007; Ratnadass 2012) We also know that as beneficial microbial populations decline, disease increases. (Geense et al 2015; Crecchio 2004; Abawi2000).

The components in Soil Activator have been proven to activate soil microbes by feeding them, favouring bacteria to fungi; to make a difference to your soil and crop. The main decomposition pathways in soil are either bacterial-based or fungal-based. Fungi and bacteria are the principal agents for the cycling of nutrients.

Plants have developed a symbiotic relationship with fungi and bacteria that is so vital to their survival that they expend 25-30% of their energy feeding soil fungi and bacteria. Declining fungi: bacteria biomass with intensive agriculture means plants are not getting the nutrients and protection they need from the soil.

A cost-effective place to start getting your soil to perform for you is by feeding fungi and bacteria to improve nutrient availability and protect the crop from disease. (Janvier 2007; Ratnadass 2012)

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 6.1% w/v
Phosphorus 3.0% w/v
Potassium 3.5% w/v

More information from Sustainable Farming Solutions


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