Sero-X (1L)
Sero-X (1L)

Sero-X (1L)

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Where sustainable agricultural solutions meet cutting-edge scientific findings, Innovate Ag is leading the way. Set to revolutionise food and fibre production on a global scale, Sero-X is a non-toxic, bee-friendly, world-first plant extract botanical pesticide designed to offer an effective organic alternative to traditional synthetic pesticides. Sero-X is a natural product that has a high efficacy against a wide-range of pests, and no impact on non-target insects

Introducing Sero-X Insecticide, a breakthrough bio-pesticide from Innovate Ag that provides unparalleled environmental credentials. 100% researched, developed, and commercialised in Australia, Sero-X offers effective control of a wide range of pests while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects. What's more, it has no maximum residue limits or withholding period, making it an indispensable addition to any Australian farmer's toolkit.

Originally registered for controlling pests in Cotton, Sero-X has now expanded its label registration to include the Diamond Back Moth in Brassica crops. And with a label extension currently being processed by APVMA, it won't be long before it covers an even broader range of crops and pests.

So how does Sero-X work? It doesn't rely solely on direct mortality to protect crops. Instead, its innovative design and functionality tackle pests from three primary angles:

  1. Direct Toxicity: Small larvae and nymphs are killed instantly when they come into contact with Sero-X.

  2. Anti-Feedant/Repellence: The presence of Sero-X's cyclotides on treated plants deters pests from feeding. Insects would rather starve than consume a Sero-X treated crop.

  3. Oviposition Deterrent: The residue of Sero-X on treated plants acts as a deterrent for pest egg laying. Insects avoid landing or laying eggs on Sero-X treated plants.

By controlling crop-related pest infestations from three angles, Sero-X minimizes the likelihood of target pests developing resistance. It can be used in a spray rotation program with existing products, including BT sprays and spinosads. It's also suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Extensive research and trials have shown that Sero-X has minimal impact on insect predators and parasites, making it a safe and effective choice for farmers.

In addition to its effectiveness, Sero-X offers several other benefits. It supports the Australian economy by being locally researched, developed, and manufactured, providing jobs for local communities. It also offers consumers and farmers a smart alternative to synthetic pesticides, reducing the use of harsh chemicals that can harm beneficial insects and the environment.

Protect your crops and our planet with Sero-X Insecticide, the Australian-made natural insecticide for Diamond Back Moth in Brassica crops with no withholding period.

The recommended rate of 100ml of Sero-X per 10L of water. Apply as needed. 


  • How is it made? Sero-X Insecticide is extracted from Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea), a legume that has evolved a specific set of peptide compounds to protect itself from insect attack. The product is directly harvested from the plant, not synthesized in a factory.

  • How does it work? Sero-X Insecticide works by altering pest behaviour through deterring feeding, preventing sap-sucking and biting insects from feeding on the plant, and causing direct mortality on contact. The presence of Sero-X also disrupts the reproductive cycle of the pest, disrupting mating behavior and deterring moths from landing on the crop to deposit eggs.

  • Will Sero-X affect predators and pollinators? The ultra-stable peptides in Sero-X, called Cyclotides, are complex molecules that are very specific in their activity. They are designed to kill phytophagous insects, those that get nutrition from a plant, and will not affect predators unless one of their life cycles has a phytophagous stage, such as a predator thrip species. Sero-X has no effect on foraging honeybees or native bees and does not cause behaviour modification of any pollinators.

  • Will it build up in the environment? No, the active ingredient in Sero-X breaks down into amino acids, which are naturally occurring throughout nature.

  • Will pests develop resistance to this product? While it's impossible to say never with insects, the multiple modes of action of Sero-X mean that no individual resistant gene is likely to embed in the insect population. This makes resistance almost impossible to develop.

  • Will the actives in Sero-X breakdown in the drum, causing a short shelf life? No, the peptide chain in Sero-X is called a cyclotide because the ends of the peptide chain are joined, so there is no open end susceptible to denaturing or breakdown by enzymes.

  • Is it safe for humans? Yes, Sero-X has extremely low mammalian toxicity and has not even caused a reaction in individuals with chemical sensitivities.

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