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Elevate your year-round hydroponic gardening experience with our premium Hydroponic Seedling Selections, where each seedling undergoes meticulous care and rigorous quality testing. This ensures they are primed to thrive in your hydroponic environment, regardless of the season.

With our selection, you'll relish the ease of year-round access to pristine, pesticide-free produce and savour the fulfilment of witnessing your garden thrive in a meticulously controlled, soil-free setting. To further enhance your gardening success, we recommend complementing our Hydroponic Seedling Selections with our house-made A & B two-part Profeeder nutrients. Expertly formulated, these nutrients provide your plants with the essential minerals needed to flourish.

Whether you need 25, 50, or 100 seedlings, our Hydroponic Seedling Selections come in various sizes to suit your needs. Each pack features a diverse array of meticulously chosen vegetable seedlings, specially selected for their hydroponic resilience and quality. Our experienced head growers have painstakingly determined the ideal number of seedlings in each selection, guaranteeing both excellent yield and the robust health of your plants.

Invest in our Hydroponic Seedling Selections and relish the gratification of growing your own fresh vegetables year-round, all within the controlled, soil-free haven of your hydroponic setup. Say goodbye to lacklustre, store-bought produce and savour the taste of homegrown goodness with every bite. Order now and watch your hydroponic garden flourish with a continuous abundance of premium, delicious vegetables!

For optimal results in both hydroponic and soil-based cultivation, we highly recommend our proprietary two-part complete A & B formula, expertly crafted in-house. 

Keep in mind that these seedlings thrive beautifully when cultivated in pots with soil! - Got any spare seedlings? Pop into a Pot!

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