Chive Seedlings
Chive Seedlings
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Chive Seedlings

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Our high-quality garlic chives are the perfect addition to your garden. These chives are specially cultivated for bunching, and they come with a range of exceptional characteristics that make them an excellent choice for your gardening endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Plant Habit: These garlic chives exhibit a sturdy, upright, and slender growth habit. Their more narrow leaf shape sets them apart, making them an attractive addition to your garden.

  • Vigour and Yield: Our garlic chives are known for their high vigour and exceptional yield. They consistently produce an abundance of chives, making them a reliable source of this delightful herb.

  • Uniformity: These chives boast excellent uniformity in both their growth and appearance. You can expect consistent, high-quality chives with every harvest.

  • Color: The leaves of these garlic chives are a very dark blue-green, which not only adds visual appeal to your garden but also indicates their freshness and health.

  • Shank Strength: The chives have a firm shank, which is essential for their field holding ability. This ensures that your chives remain strong and upright throughout their growth.

Growing Information:

  • Seedling Height: Our garlic chive seedlings typically reach a height of 15cm-20cm, including the root system. This robust start ensures healthy and productive growth.

  • Spacing: When planting, maintain a spacing of 25cm between rows and 20cm between individual chive plants. This arrangement allows them to thrive and flourish.

  • Harvest Time: You can look forward to harvesting these garlic chives in approximately 14-15 weeks, although the exact timing may vary based on your location and weather conditions.

  • Preferred Conditions: Garlic chives thrive in a sunny position with well-drained soil. Regular watering is essential to keep them healthy and vibrant throughout their growth.

With our high-quality garlic chives and these essential guidelines, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of flavorful chives for your culinary creations. Happy gardening! ūüĆĪ

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