Uptake Elite (1L)

Uptake Elite (1L)

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Natural Liquid NPK Fertiliser (1L)

Uptake Elite contains highly refined amino acids from plant and animal origin that not only provide nutrients in a readily absorbed form, but also improve general growth by:

  • Promoting photosynthesis.
  • Improving crop quality
  • Enhancing metabolic function
  • Improving resistance to stress

B Vitamins

Uptake Elite contains considerable amounts of B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and biotin. Vitamins play important roles when converted into co-factors for enzymes that are involved in stress reduction, nitrogen metabolism, nutrient transport, and photosynthesis.

Soil Health Benefits

Uptake Elite is very effective at increasing the activity and diversity of the resident microbial population in the soil. Our research showed that Uptake Elite increased the total beneficial bacterial count three times more than fish emulsion products.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 6.1% w/v
Phosphorus 3.0% w/v
Potassium 3.5% w/v

Safety data sheet

More information from Sustainable Farming Solutions


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