Creeping Thyme Seed
Creeping Thyme Seed
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Creeping Thyme Seed

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Creeping Thyme Seeds (Thymus Serpyllum Alba) aka White Breckland Thyme, Wild Thyme and Creeping Thyme - an essential addition to any architect's toolkit for enhancing outdoor spaces. With its diminutive size and dense, woolly foliage, this variety forms a lush green mat that reaches less than half an inch in height. Thymus serpyllum alba is renowned for its delicate white flowers that adorn the foliage, adding a touch of elegance to any landscape design. While primarily valued for its ornamental appeal, Thymus serpyllum alba is also edible, although its petite size makes it less suitable for culinary purposes compared to other thyme varieties.

  • Fast-spreading aromatic evergreen ground cover
  • Tiny white flowers mass over dark green foliage
  • A strong grower that trails over rock walls or pavers
  • Handles some foot traffic
  • Bloom time: early summer to midsummer

With each seed purchase, you will also receive a 1-liter bag of premium peat moss, ensuring optimal conditions for germination and growth.

Below is a table detailing the germination time and optimal conditions for survival:

Germination Time Optimal Conditions for Survival
7-14 days Well-drained soil
Full sun to partial shade
Moderate moisture levels
pH level of 6.0-7.0
Protect from frost during winter months

Perfect for filling in the gaps between rocks or pavers, Thymus serpyllum alba thrives with proper drainage and moderate moisture levels, making cracks and crevices ideal growing spots. In such spaces, creeping thyme gently softens stone pathways and can be tucked into stone walls and rock gardens. Its low-maintenance nature and ornamental charm make it an ideal choice for landscaping projects, adding texture and visual interest to architectural designs.

FYI: Irish Moss v Creeping Thyme

Irish moss and creeping thyme are both popular choices for ground cover in landscaping, but they have some differences.

Irish moss (Sagina subulata) is a low-growing perennial plant with dense, moss-like foliage that forms a lush carpet. It is often used to create a soft, velvety green surface in shady areas or between stepping stones. Irish moss prefers moist, well-drained soil and partial shade.

Creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum) is another low-growing perennial with small, aromatic leaves and tiny flowers. It forms a dense mat and is commonly planted in sunny areas to fill in gaps between rocks or pavers. Creeping thyme is more drought-tolerant than Irish moss and thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

In summary, Irish moss is best suited for shady, moist areas, while creeping thyme is ideal for sunny, well-drained spots. Both plants can be used to create attractive ground cover, but the choice depends on the specific conditions and desired aesthetic effect.

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