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Christmas Tree

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Behold the exquisite allure of the 'Christmas Star,' a Picea glauca—a splendid, compact conical spruce that graces any space with its enchanting presence. Tailored for perfection, it's an ideal addition to your rockery or a masterpiece as a bonsai specimen. Nestled in a decorative pot, 'Christmas Star' transforms effortlessly into a timeless Christmas tree, promising enduring beauty and festive charm.

As the holiday season concludes, treat this arboreal gem with the care it deserves. Relocate 'Christmas Star,' a Picea glauca, to an outdoor sanctuary, choosing a shady spot for its brief respite. Allow a gentle reacquaintance with nature by gradually reintroducing it to filtered sunlight. For sustained vitality and continued elegance, consider the option of repotting into a larger container—a gesture that ensures 'Christmas Star,' the Picea glauca, thrives and flourishes in all its botanical glory.

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