Certified Organic Soil (25 Litre)
Certified Organic Soil (25 Litre)
Certified Organic Soil (25 Litre)

Certified Organic Soil (25 Litre)

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Living Soil (25 Litre Bag)

Each batch of Easy As Organics Living Soil™ is blended using the highest quality ingredients and is subject to our rigorous quality controls. This includes batch analysis and mineral balancing, monitoring batch maturity and machine blending to maintain consistent soil quality.

Every bag of Easy As Organics Living Soil™ is teeming with beneficial biology. These microbes cycle organic nutrients into plant-available form and protect plants from disease and pests. There is no need for additional inputs for an entire harvest. This soil is also a perfect base for “no-till” gardening and can be re-used with proper care.

Easy As Organics™ is a certified organic Living Soil formulated to sustain thriving plant growth from seedling to harvest. Unlock your plant's potential. 

How it works

Peat, compost, worm castings and biochar create optimal soil structure, rich with humus and packed with beneficial soil life with excellent nutrient and water-holding properties.

Organic plant nutrients are supplied by carefully selected soil amendments in accurately formulated levels. Nutrient balance and sufficiency for a variety of vegetables and herbs is a key feature of this soil to achieve good crop yields and quality.

Lightweight scoria provides aeration to the rhizosphere. Roots require oxygen for sugar production to grow and feed soil biology. In exchange, microbes convert nutrients to plant-available forms.

Amendments contain a full spectrum of macronutrients, trace elements, pest and disease-resisting compounds and many natural growth-promoting hormones.

INGREDIENTS: Made with sphagnum peat moss, worm castings, scoria, compost, biochar, paramagnetic basalt rock dust, malted barley, soft ag lime, natural gypsum, kelp meal, neem seed meal, soft rock phosphate, fish meal, organic chelated manganese, organic chelated copper, potassium sulphate.


How to use

  1. Use a minimum of 50L of soil to ensure sufficient nutrient levels for a complete plant growth cycle. Bigger containers will result in bigger yields.

  2. Use clean filtered water or rain tank water where possible.

  3. Slowly water soil with a sprayer or watering can until evenly moist throughout the container. Allow up to 24 hours for complete soil hydration. Repeat the process if needed until you can squeeze a handful of soil and it forms a clump.

  4. Place your seedling or cutting firmly in the centre of the pot and cover the root ball with more soil. Apply a small amount of water to set new seedlings or rooted cutting in place.

  5. Place a layer of organic straw mulch on top.

  6. Maximise plant health and yield by optimising your watering technique. Maintain consistent soil moisture by slow and low-volume watering only when needed. Adust according to your environment and plant stage of growth. Avoid over-saturation. All water applied should be held in the soil, not to runoff, leeching nutrients to waste.

Available sizes: 25L Bags

Notes: Certified organic.

Safety Data Sheet: Download here


Certified organic for your peace of mind.

NASSA certification number is 30022M.
Unless what your put in your soil is certified you can’t be sure that you are using a truly organic product. Our core range of products are organically certified by NASAA – The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

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