Carolina Reaper Seedlings
Carolina Reaper Seedlings
Carolina Reaper Seedlings
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Carolina Reaper Seedlings

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Please Note: The Carolina Reaper's reign as the symbol of supreme spiciness has been eclipsed by an even more formidable challenger, Pepper X, nurtured by Ed Currie, the mastermind behind the once-record-holding Carolina Reaper. In 2023, Guinness World Records recognized Pepper X as the hottest chili on the planet, with a blistering 2.69 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). This remarkable achievement highlights a significant milestone for Currie and his PuckerButt Pepper Company and invites chili enthusiasts and culinary wizards, including those from the adventurous Australian food scene, to explore the limits of taste and heat.

Despite its fame, Pepper X remains an exclusive chili, with seeds not available for public acquisition. This rarity adds to its intrigue, making it a sought-after treasure among chili lovers and breeders eager to delve into its fiery depths and potential culinary uses, particularly in the bold Australian context.

In contrast, the Carolina Reaper stands as the most accessible chili for those looking to bring extreme heat to their cooking and gardening endeavors. It remains a favorite for Australians keen on challenging their mates to a fiery taste test or crafting a homemade hot sauce that's sure to be a hit at any backyard barbie. Imagine the pride in sharing a bottle of your own signature sauce, made from the world's hottest commercially available chili, with friends and family, or the camaraderie in growing these potent peppers in community gardens down under.

This unique blend of extreme heat and communal enjoyment cements the Carolina Reaper's place in the hearts and dishes of spicy food aficionados worldwide, offering a way to connect through the universal language of heat. Whether it's giving a pot of Carolina Reaper plants to a mate or concocting a batch of blisteringly hot sauce for the next family gathering, the Carolina Reaper provides an unparalleled opportunity for sharing and experimentation in the vibrant Australian culinary landscape.

Feature Carolina Reaper Pepper X
Breeder Ed Currie Ed Currie
SHU (Scoville Heat Units) Up to 2.2 million 2.69 million
Guinness World Record Year 2013 2023
Seed Availability Available Not available
Popular Use Hot sauces, spicy foods Culinary exploration, potentially hot sauces


Carolina Reapers have taken the world by storm in recent years, with their impressive Scoville rating of over 1.5 million making them the hottest peppers in the world. They have gained a following of chilli enthusiasts who are always looking for the next big spicy challenge. But despite their popularity, it seems that many people don't actually enjoy eating them. So why is Carolina Reapers so popular, and why do so few people actually like them?

First, it's important to understand the appeal of hot peppers. For many people, the thrill of eating something so spicy that it sets their mouth on fire is part of the attraction. There is also a sense of accomplishment in being able to handle the heat, and many chilli enthusiasts enjoy the rush of endorphins that comes with eating hot peppers.

Carolina Reapers take this to the extreme, with their heat level far surpassing that of other common peppers like jalapenos and habaneros. They have become a sort of "Holy Grail" for chilli enthusiasts who are always looking for the next challenge. For these people, the appeal of Carolina Reapers lies in their impressive heat level and the bragging rights that come with being able to handle them.

However, despite their popularity, it seems that many people don't actually enjoy eating Carolina Reapers. The intense heat can be overwhelming and even painful, and the flavour of the pepper can be somewhat unpleasant. Some people describe it as bitter or metallic, while others find that the heat completely overwhelms any other flavours.

So why do people continue to eat Carolina Reapers if they don't actually enjoy them? For many, it's simply a matter of the challenge. They want to see if they can handle the heat and the fact that so few people can add to the appeal. Others may use Carolina Reapers sparingly as a way to add a spicy kick to their favourite dishes.

To sum up, Carolina Reapers are popular because of their impressive heat level and the challenge they pose to chilli enthusiasts. However, their intense heat and somewhat unpleasant flavour mean that many people don't actually enjoy eating them. For those who are up for the challenge, Carolina Reapers can be a thrilling and exciting addition to their culinary adventures. But for most people, they are best enjoyed sparingly, if at all.


  • Mild (100 to 2,500)
  • Medium (2,500 to 30,000)
  • Hot (30,000 to 100,000)
  • Extra Hot (100,000 to 300,000)
  • Extremely Hot (above 300,000)
  • CAROLINA REAPER (above 1,500,000)
🌱 SEEDLING HEIGHT | 10cm-20cm including the root system

📏 SPACING | Rows: 30cm-40cm apart  Plants: 30cm-40cm apart

🥗 HARVEST |  8-10 weeks, depending on location & weather conditions.

🌡️ CONDITIONS Full sun, wind-protected, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Keep moist but not too wet and feed weekly once plant is a good size.

Carolina Reaper plants are small bushes that typically reach a height of about 0.9-1.2 meters (3-4 feet) tall. When fully grown, they have a bushy, spreading habit and can reach a similar width.

The leaves of the Carolina Reaper plant are a medium green colour and are oval-shaped with pointed tips. They grow alternately along the stems and have a slightly fuzzy texture.

The flowers of the Carolina Reaper plant are small and white with five petals. They typically appear in clusters and are self-pollinating, meaning that the plant does not require cross-pollination from another plant.

As the flowers are pollinated, they develop into small green pods that eventually mature into the signature bright red Carolina Reaper peppers. The peppers are typically 2.5-5 centimetres (1-2 inches) long and have a distinctive wrinkled, bumpy texture.

A fully grown Carolina Reaper plant can produce dozens, if not hundreds, of peppers throughout the growing season, which typically lasts from mid-summer to early fall. However, it's worth noting that growing Carolina Reapers can be challenging, as the plants require a long growing season, plenty of sunshine, and consistent watering and fertilization to produce a bountiful crop.

Despite the challenges, many chilli enthusiasts find that growing their own Carolina Reaper plants is a rewarding experience, and there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of harvesting a fresh crop of the world's hottest peppers from your own backyard.

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