Bactivate Seaweed (5 Litre)
Bactivate Seaweed (5 Litre)
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Bactivate Seaweed (5 Litre)

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Seaweed (5 Litre)

By avoiding the overuse of heat and chemicals when processing we are able to deliver an organic fertiliser that is highly bio-available.

Bactivate Seaweed contains 18 amino acids and a range of naturally occurring plant hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins) that promote root growth (elongation and thickness), which in turn helps the plant access the nutrients produced by bacteria living in healthy soils.

Bactivate Seaweed is far more environmentally friendly than many organic fertilisers as it avoids the overuse of heat and chemicals.

Core benefits: Root growth. Plant growth. Supports flowering and plant setting. Environmentally friendly.

Application: Approx. 2.5 L per hectare. Twice yearly (consult our soil experts for tailored advice for your farm). With standard boom spray.

Available sizes: 1L, 5L

Best with: Should be applied with Bactivate5 and Bactivate Bioboost Plant Carbon.

Notes: Certified organic.

Safety Data Sheet: Download here


Certified organic for your peace of mind.

NASSA certification number is 3093M.
Unless what your put in your soil is certified you can‚Äôt be sure that you are using a truly organic product. Our core range of products are organically certified by NASAA ‚Äď The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

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