BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack
BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack
BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack
BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack
BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack
BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack

BACTIVATE - Home Soil Regeneration Pack

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What’s in the pack?

The Bactivate home soil farmers pack contains all you need to regenerate your soil and build thriving bacteria communities so your plants, lawns and fruit and veg can thrive.

    1. Unique blend of 5 beneficial bacteria in the trillions on a carbon
      rich biobase (2.5kg of granules).
      Home soils are often depleted by the overuse of chemicals or the reduction of carbon (all those leaves and clippings you take away would have fed your soils). We put back a balanced range of organically certified bacillus bacteria, with the right food sources, to increase nutrient uptake and kick-start your soil engine for improved results.

    2. Plant carbon (250mL)
      Most carbon in the market is coal based (lignite) carbon. Bactivate uses specifically developed natural plant based carbon, which is more bio-available. Left to their own devices it’s what plants and bacteria normally access for nutrients. Being natural means it’s better for the environment.

    3. Plant biostimulant with seaweed (250mL)
      Our plant biostimulant with seaweed contains 18 amino acids and a range of naturally occurring plant hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins) that promote root growth (elongation and thickness). This, in turn, helps the plants access the nutrients produced by bacteria living in the healthy soils. Bactivate Plant Biostimulant with Seaweed is far more environmentally friendly than many organic fertilisers as it avoids the overuse of heat and chemicals in processing.

Regenerate soil – naturally.

For thriving gardens, lawns and fruit and veg, Bactivate 3 in 1 Home Soil Regeneration Packs are the choice of award-winning farmers who care about the next generation – now available for backyard soil farming experts right across Australia.

Why do you need healthy soil bacteria?

Please watch this video. Though the first minute is a bit slow it will be the best 4:30 mins of your gardening life – we promise.

Now for home soil farmers.

For the first time in over 10 years, our farmer only proven range is available for backyard gardeners and people who understand the micro-biology of soil right across Australia. Independently proven in the toughest and most intensive of environments on Australian farms, Bactivate Home Soil Regeneration Packs are the 3 in 1 solution to build healthy bacteria communities in depleted soil.

The difference is naturally clear.

Commercial grade, the difference our products make to soil and in turn, plants, is clear. From seedlings at one of our commercial growers to flowers to lawns and tomatoes, Bactivate produces results. But don’t just take their word for it, a 5-year Landcare study in the Mitta Valley across 14 farms found improved ph, brix, microbiology, root elongation, nutrient density and time to animal weight. The pastures held more water and produced better pastures year after year with the Bactivate program.

Certified organic for your peace of mind.

The Bactivate 3-in-1 packs are organic and certified by NASAA. That means fewer chemical fertilisers around your family and in our drains, rivers, lakes and seas. 

NASSA certification number is 3093M.
Unless what your put in your soil is certified you can’t be sure that you are using a truly organic product. Our core range of products are organically certified by NASAA – The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

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