Why seedlings & indoor plants are a better gift option than flowers

5 Reasons why seedlings & indoor plants are better gift options than flowers?


  • Cheap: A seedling or an indoor plant cost $ 3-10 whereas the flower bouquet starts from $10 (good-sized can cost almost $50). Furthermore, house plants are free if you have plants at your home, you just need to transplant the suckers or baby plants into a new pot and the perfect gift is ready.
  • Clean environment: Mostly the indoor plants are oxygen boomer plants, they exchange higher levels of carbon dioxide and even absorb the chemical released from our painted walls or other toxic chemicals in the environment. As a result, they will purify and clean our environment and also add a lively look.
  • More lifespan: The flower starts spoiling after 3-4 days whereas if you gift a plant it will give benefits for many years. Moreover, flowers lose their freshness in 2 days maximum if not kept in water. If you kept flowers in water their life will be prolonged to 5-6 days. A seedling will live for 4-6 months and give you the fruit at the end, if the seedling is a herb it will stay with you longer and give advantages for a long time.
  • Less waste: The plants or seedlings will come in a plastic seedling tray or a plastic pot. The plant will grow in the same pot for almost 3 months after that you can reuse this plastic pot for more seedlings. This plastic pot is also recyclable so you can easily recycle it, simply zero waste.

On the other hand flower bouquet is wrapped in a plastic sheet or plastic cover and uses many other accessories like wire, flowering tape, flower foam, balloons, ribbons, and many others which go wasted at the end.

  • Plant care: Indoor plants need a little care which is mostly found fun and therapy for most people. You should select low maintenance and hardy plant as a gift so they will stay for a long time them and your loved ones will keep remembering you.
  • Any occasion: There are thousands of types of plants, some of which represent joy, sorrow, achievement, love, etc. So you can choose any plant as a gift that represents your feelings.


Tips for choosing the best seedling & houseplants gift:


  • Small-sized indoor plants
  • Seedlings in a beautiful compact tray
  • Plant which thrives in the environment of that person.
  • Given Food in one of the greatest gifts
  • Choose a plant that has entire fresh leaves
  • Select easy to care and hardy plants
  • Avoid toxic plants if a person has children or pets


Best seedlings or indoor plants for gift:


We keep a good range of indoor house plants and seedlings in our mart. They are also available at discount on several events.

Indoor house plants: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants

Monstera Plant: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants/products/monstera-deliciosa-1 

Philodendron plant: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants/products/philodendron-pink-princess

Syngonium plant: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants/products/syngonium-silver-goose

Dieffenbachia plant: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants/products/dieffenbachia-amy-1

Calathea plant: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants/products/calathea-sanderiana-1

Ficus plant: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/indoor-plants/products/ficus-robusta


Vegetable Seedlings are a gift that keeps on giving...

Seedlings: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/seedlings

Tomato seedlings: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/seedlings/products/fresta-tomato-seedling-heirloom

Celery seedlings: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/seedlings/products/celery-seedlings

Broccoli seedlings: https://www.qpseedlings.com.au/collections/seedlings/products/broccoli-seedlings




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