Vegetable companion planting examples

  1. Planting tomatoes with basil
  2. Planting onions with carrots
  3. Planting marigolds with tomatoes
  4. Planting cucumbers with nasturtiums
  5. Planting beans or peas with corn
  6. Planting beans with squash
  7. Planting garlic with strawberries
  8. Planting spinach with radishes
  9. Planting dill with cabbage
  10. Planting potatoes with nasturtiums and tansy
  11. Planting peppers with oregano and thyme
  12. Planting watermelon with mint and bee balm
  13. Planting asparagus with parsley and coriander
  14. Planting cabbage with celery and dill
  15. Planting sweet potatoes with sweet alyssum and marigolds
  16. Planting radicchio with fennel and chamomile
  17. Planting artichokes with tarragon and thyme
  18. Planting cauliflower with mint and catnip
  19. Planting pumpkins with oregano and chives
  20. Planting lettuce with chives and calendula
  21. Planting zucchini with nasturtiums and borage
  22. Planting pumpkins with corn and beans
  23. Planting kale with dill and chamomile
  24. Planting eggplant with marigolds and basil
  25. Planting beets with bush beans
  26. Planting sweet corn with sunflowers
  27. Planting tomatoes with garlic and chives
  28. Planting Brussels sprouts with hyssop and rosemary
  29. Planting corn with radishes and nasturtiums
  30. Planting broccoli with garlic and mint
  31. Planting cucumbers with dill and sage
  32. Planting pumpkins with oregano and chives
  33. Planting carrots with leeks
  34. Planting radishes with lettuce
  35. Planting onions with carrots

These companion planting combinations can help reduce the need for synthetic chemicals, improve soil health and fertility, suppress weeds, deter pests and diseases, and promote biodiversity in Australian vegetable farms. By selecting the right plant combinations for their growing conditions, farmers can support a thriving ecosystem and achieve sustainable and natural gardening practices.

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