Discover the Ideal Plant for Your Garden: A Comprehensive Guide to Our Plant Selections at Quality Plants & Seedlings


Category Description
Annual At QPS, our annual plants complete their life cycle in one season, providing a splendid display of roots, leaves, flowers, and seeds. Explore more on our website at or reach out at for vibrant, temporary displays.
Biennial Our biennial plants at QPS focus on establishing strong roots and leaves in their first year and bloom beautifully in their second. Discover our range at or contact for more details.
Perennial Thriving year after year, QPS perennials offer lasting beauty and resilience. Visit to see our selection or email us at for garden highlights that endure.
Herbaceous Specialising in herbaceous plants, QPS offers varieties that die back in winter and return each spring. Perfect for cottage gardens. Learn more at or get in touch via
Evergreen Maintain a lush, vibrant garden all year round with QPS evergreens. For continuous beauty, visit our website at or email
Deciduous Opt for QPS deciduous plants that reveal their beauty through seasonal transformation. For plants that rejuvenate your landscape each year, visit or contact us at


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