Chemicals & Alternatives

Farm Chemical Modern Alternatives (Metric) Certified Organic Alternatives (Metric) Suggested Retail Items
Pest Control
Chemical Pesticides (kg/ha) Biological Pest Control (e.g., release of beneficial insects, nematodes) Neem Oil (litres/ha) Beneficial Insect Kits, Nematode Packages, Neem Oil Concentrate
(e.g., ladybirds, nematodes) Diatomaceous Earth (kg/ha) Ladybird Beetle Releases, Diatomaceous Earth Powder
Garlic Spray (litres/ha) Garlic Pest Repellent Spray
Herbicides (litres/ha) Organic Herbicides (acetic acid-based) Vinegar-Based Weed Killers (litres/ha) Organic Herbicidal Sprays, Vinegar Weed Control Solutions
Flame Weeders (ha/hour) Flame Weeders for Rental or Purchase, Mechanical Weeders
Hand Weeding (hours/ha) Hand Weeding Tools, Weeding Gloves
Weed Control
Synthetic Herbicides (litres/ha) Organic Herbicides (e.g., citric acid-based) Hot Water Weed Control (litres/ha) Organic Citric Acid Herbicidal Sprays, Hot Water Weed Control Machines
Steam Weed Control (litres/ha) Steam Weeders for Rental or Purchase
Mechanical Weeders (hours/ha) Mechanical Weeders for Sale or Rental
Chemical Fertilisers (kg/ha) Organic Fertilisers (e.g., compost, manure) Compost (kg/ha) Bagged Organic Compost, Bulk Compost Deliveries
Manure (kg/ha) Bagged Organic Manure, Bulk Manure Deliveries
Fish Emulsion (litres/ha) Bottled Organic Fish Emulsion, Liquid Fertilizer Concentrates
Seaweed Extract (litres/ha) Bottled Organic Seaweed Extract, Seaweed Fertilizer Products
Green Manure Crops (kg/ha) Cover Crop Seed Mixes, Green Manure Crop Seeds

These suggested retail items correspond to the alternatives mentioned in the table and can be offered to farmers and gardeners as more sustainable and environmentally friendly options for their farming needs.

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