🌿 Plants and Pets: A Guide to Harmony 🐶

Do you share your space with indoor plants and pets? Balancing their well-being can be tricky, but it's possible.

Identifying Challenges

  • Some pets may be drawn to plants, posing risks.
  • Plants can suffer from pet-related interference.

Understanding the Risks

  • Some houseplants can be toxic to pets. 🌱🚫
  • Check for a list of toxic plants from reliable sources.

Common House Plants - Toxicity Table 📊

Plant Name Toxic to Pets Non-Toxic to Pets
Lily Yes 🚫 No ✅
Pothos Yes 🚫 No ✅
Dieffenbachia Yes 🚫 No ✅
Philodendron Yes 🚫 No ✅
Snake Plant No ✅ Yes 🚫
Spider Plant No ✅ Yes 🚫
Boston Fern No ✅ Yes 🚫
African Violet No ✅ Yes 🚫
Calathea Yes 🚫 No ✅
Ficus Yes 🚫 No ✅

Observe Your Pet 👀

  • Analyze your pet's behaviour before taking action.
  • Use non-toxic plants for observation.

Move Plants Higher 🌿

  • Elevate plants to keep them out of reach.
  • Hanging plants can be a safer option.

Bitter Sprays or Deterrents 🌧️

  • Use deterrent sprays for soil-related issues.
  • Avoid spraying plant leaves directly.
  • Experiment with scents like citrus or lavender. 🍋🌼

Booby Traps 💥

  • Set up non-permanent deterrents.
  • Options: Aluminium foil, toothpicks, or plastic forks. 🍴

Offer Alternatives 🐾

  • Pets might be seeking attention or activity.
  • Provide dedicated pet activity centres.

Pet-Free Plant Zone 🚫🌿

  • As a last resort, designate pet-free areas.
  • Use gates or doors to restrict access.

Pet Ingested a Toxic Plant? ☎️

  • Stay calm but act quickly.
  • Identify what was ingested, if possible.
  • Observe symptoms in dogs and cats. 🐶🐱
  • Contact your vet or a poison control centre.
  • Monitor your pet's health and remove the plant from access.

Additional Resources

  • For plant-related poisoning concerns, contact: Page · Charity Organisation ☎️ 1300 869 738 📧 info@animalpoisons.com.au 🌐 animalpoisons.com.au

Call Your Vet ☎️

  • Put in a call or take it to your local veterinarian in case of poisoning.

Plants and Pets Can Coexist 🌿🐾

  • It's possible to create a harmonious home for both.
  • Be aware of risks and have a plan in place.
  • Enjoy a happy plant and pet family! 🤗

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