Planting Your Seedlings

You will receive your bear rooted seedlings ready to transplant into your garden, vegetable patch or indoor LED system. Please handle with care, as at this stage of the plants life they are still fragile. 

Dig some holes for each of the seedlings with your index finger. The tip here is to make each hole double the size of the seedling, and the same depth as the seedling’s root soil. Now place the seedling into the soil (hopefully fertile soil or potting-mix), using your hands to bring the soil to the sides of the plant. Try not to compress this too much. Give seedlings a good soak and check daily.

If your seedlings look like they are lacking nutrients, don't be afraid to add Fertiliser. This will help to promote better root growth and stronger leaf for your seedlings. Always refer to the instructions on your fertiliser on how to apply, as various brands have different dosages.

Please email us for any queries.

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