What if I over fertilise?

Over-fertilising your vegetable seedlings can have negative effects on their growth and overall health. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots of the seedlings, causing them to wither and die. It can also cause an overgrowth of foliage at the expense of fruit or vegetable production. Excessive fertilisation can also lead to the buildup of harmful salts in the soil, which can be detrimental to the seedlings' growth and survival. Additionally, it can attract pests and diseases that thrive in overly fertile environments. It is important to follow the recommended guidelines for fertilisation and to use a balanced fertiliser appropriate for your specific plants. Be sure to monitor your seedlings for any signs of stress or over-fertilisation, such as yellowing or browning leaves, stunted growth, or wilting. If you suspect over-fertilisation, you may need to flush the soil with water to remove excess nutrients and salts.

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