Palletised Seed

Palletised Seed: Used for machine sowing and a protective film.

Seeds that are very small in size are pelleted/coated with clay or any inert material is called palletised seeds. This process is done by machined process on a commercial scale. Palletised seeds help in dealing with very small-sized or very lightweight seeds as they increase seeds surface area which results in;

  • better spacing among the plants
  • less loss of seeds due to even distribution
  • easy to handle while working
  • promote even germination
  • work efficiently in machine sowing


Palletised seeds are the better choice?

Advantages of palletised seeds:

1-Workers are made palletised seeds in such a way that they work great in machine sowing, the round shape and uniform size do allow any seed to stick in the seeder of the machine.

2-This morphology also helps in single seed sowing and maintains plant to plant distance, thus loss of seeds can be converse. Less time is wasted in cultural practiced thinning practice.

3-Furthermore, this palletizing makes the seed safe from mechanical hazards and promotes germination rate.

4- The seed structure enhance the ability of oxygen around the seed, likewise, germination percentage and time to germinate also improve.

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What are palletised seeds covered with?

Palletised seeds are covered with clay or inert material (non-reactive material) which increases their mass and makes them heavier than normal seeds. Therefore, they are handled easily and work is done swiftly. Sometimes priming is done before palletizing, this technique prevents the seeds from fungus or disease.


How long palletised seeds stay durable?

It is advised to use palletised seeds for 1 year; a long time will reduce its vigor and result in slow germination or complete loss of sprouting ability.


What do multi palletised seeds mean?

Multi palletised seeds are the seeds that are coated extra or multiples time to achieve a special spherical shape. This property increases the visibility of seeds and improves their picking by the machine.


Palletised seeds are synthetic or organic?

As we know the coating is done by clay or inert material so they are considered organic. Some packets also label organic, whereas they are all assumed organic but if you are more conscious you can choose organic seeds bags.


Precaution or care for palletised seeds?

You just need to care about the following two precautions;

1-the media in which seeds are sown does not remain soggy, rather it should be moist.

2-buy the palletised seeds in the current season in which you planned to sow because they have a short lifespan and lose their vigor by storing for a long time.

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