Forms of Monstera VariegataūüĆŅ

Monstera Varieties
Variety¬†ūüĆĪ Description¬†ūüďď Characteristics¬†ūüĆŅ
Monstera borsigiana Albo A more compact version of Monstera deliciosa with heart-shaped leaves featuring green and white variegation. Variegation varies. Known for adaptability and thriving indoors. Popular for its variegated look in limited spaces.
Monstera deliciosa Thai Constellation A stunning and highly sought-after variety with large, glossy leaves adorned with creamy-white variegation, often forming unique constellations. Rare collector's plant. Similar care to Monstera deliciosa but stands out due to exceptional variegation.
Monstera deliciosa Aurea or Marmorata Characterised by golden or marble-like variegation on leaves, ranging from light yellow to deep gold. Stands out for unique colouration while sharing the basic structure of Monstera deliciosa. Requires well-draining soil and bright, indirect light.
Monstera Sport An intriguing variant with spontaneous mutations, resulting in unique and unpredictable patterns. Highly sought-after by collectors for its rarity and unpredictability. Characterised by its unpredictable variegation patterns. Care requirements may vary. A prised find for collectors due to its unique and spontaneous mutations.
Monstera Mint A distinctive cultivar with heart-shaped leaves featuring refreshing mint-green and white variegation. Recognised for adaptability, thriving indoors. Popular for variegation in limited spaces. Manageable size and versatile nature contribute to its popularity. Specific care requirements may vary.

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