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Quality Plants & Seedlings is delighted to offer your school a much healthier fundraising alternative to the standard chocolate or pie drive.

We understand that not everyone is a budding gardener, but vegetable seedlings are a fun and easy way to get the family out in the garden together. It’s also a wonderful way for children to understand how food is produced and encourages them to embrace the environmental and health benefits of growing their own produce. Not only is it fun, it provides them with skills that will be with them for life.

Why not combine orders with family and friends and get everyone involved?

With over 40 varieties to choose from, we change our seedlings with the seasons to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed.

Our process is so simple. We do the work for you!

Your school can expect a minimum profit of at least 100%

We sell our seedlings to your school from 50 cents each and we then recommend your school on-sell each seedling for a minimum of $1.00. While this is already a very good return, you can increase your margin and achieve a higher profit, as most outlets sell seedlings upwards of $3.00 each. Our research shows the average sale for each student is 15 seedlings. A school that has approximately 500 students should easily achieve sales of 7,500 seedlings, giving a minimum profit of $3,750.

How it works

Your school notifies QPS via the link on their website of the date they’d like their seedlings to be delivered (preferably 12 weeks in advance). An email will then be sent to your school containing links to the order form, marketing material and the upload portal. The school downloads and either prints off or emails the order form to each student (along with any marketing material they may wish to utilise), giving the students around two weeks to return their orders. The school collates the orders, scans them into a pdf and returns it to QPS via the upload portal on the website.

All orders are then individually pre-packed by QPS and delivered to your school ready to hand over for student distribution.

We are here to help

At QPS, we are dedicated to providing all seedling growers with a fun and healthy learning experience. Children in particular love to watch things grow. When you purchase seedlings from us, we provide all our customers with a simple step-by-step information guide with directions on how to best grow your QPS seedlings.

We invite you to take the next step by simply booking a date for your school fundraiser dispatch!

Let’s get growing!

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