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All seedlings are custom packed and shipped via Australia Post (Express Post) to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales & Queensland.

We are located in Werribee South, Victoria.

Yes, we offer Click & Collect + Local Delivery Service.

We only delivery Indoor plants to these areas in Victoria.

We are always striving to perfect this! At this stage we wrap the root systems in damp paper towel then place into a plastic sleeve replicating a mini greenhouse.

We set out to be 100% plastic free, but couldn't quite sustain this for interstate deliveries, therefore we have had to resort to using plastic sleeves. We are currently in talk with getting a 100% biodegradable sleeve produced exclusively for QPS.

We strive to dispatch all orders on either a Monday or Wednesday, however in high season there may be a day or too delay due to an increase in orders. All orders are sent Express with Australia Post. 

Please unbox your plants as soon as they arrive. Take out of plastic wrap bag and unwrap root cells from the towel soil/root dampener. Plant or place them in direct aerated area with sunlight as they would have been searching for it for up to a few days with no luck. This can result in leaves becoming yellow. Simply water and let me perk up. Longer distance travel can results in a longer recover, which may require either plant nutrients or seasol to help bring them back up to a healthy state.

Plants don't like being in a box, they can go yellow in transit as they are searching for light. This is very common with longer transit times and will resolve itself with some fresh air, light and feeds.

No, but they will the slight variations as we can't keep updating the images per sale.

We have had to cater for postage & handling (postage costs us $23-$26) + Growing Media, Seed & Fertiliser costs. You are welcome to pick-up from us for free!

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